4 Reasons why Premier League will never attain Spanish Football Level

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It is no surprise that Spanish Football has been far superior to the premier league for many years now.

La Liga has produced some great height in football that would be hard for the premier league to march any time soon.

So let’s discuss the 4 reasons why the premier league will never attain the Spanish Football level.

#1. General Cooperation

Spanish Football has cooperated with the clubs and players making things easy for them in difficult moments, not like the premier league that prefers adding more stress and difficulty for clubs and players, most commonly during the holiday period Christmas and new year’s.

#2. Protecting Players

La Liga generally will always protect their players from any sort of injury that could limit the player participation during important fixtures like the champions league or el Classico.

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Messi anf Ronaldo
Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo seating next to each other


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The likes of Ronaldo Messi enjoyed their stay in laliga considering they were always protecting them cautioning players from hitting them too hard during the matches.

#3. Players Value

Spanish sports federation knows how to value their players, which has benefited them so much, making them the league with the highest player of the year award.

While the premier league is not into this which has limited their values.

#4. Club Ownership

Most of the club in the premier league has been sold out to foreigners who are mainly based on business, meaning they are really in for business and make decisions any how they want over the club they own.

However, most clubs in laliga base their decision on the board member which allows them to make the right decisions.

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