Gabriel Jesus Vs Aubameyang Stats

ARS!! Gabriel Jesus Vs Aubameyang: Stats – Shooting, Dribbling, Creativity and Aerial Dues

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Gabriel Jesus Vs Aubameyang: Arsenal on Monday 4th, July confirmed the arrival of Brazilian star Gabriel Jesus from Manchester City.

We at LiveScore27 are sure it would be a perfect idea to look at what the Gunners fans should be expecting from their new No.9.

Livescore27 has decided to draw some  comparison of the Former Arsenal Captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and the Gunners new tailsman Gabriel Jesus.

All stats are taken from FBRef to ensure we come up with the perfect differences between the two forwards by assessing five major attributes of each othe the two.


Comparing Gabriel Jesus stats from 2017 – 2022 we can confidently says that the Brazilian is no where near Pieree-Emerick Aubameyang when it comes to shooting fonishing.

Gabriel Jesus
Gabriel Jesus during his Manchester City Playing Days (Photo Credit:

Let’s take a lool at Gabriel Jesus Goal stats; if we should subtract Jesus’s xG from his total Non-penalty goals, the we get a figure of (-5.7). This figute is a way below-average finisher compared to the former Arsenal striker Aubameyang whose figure from 2017 to 2022 stood at (+7.3).

  • PRESSING – Gabriel Jesus vs Aubameyang

Pressing and pressuring opponents is no doubt a key attribute of Gabriel Jesus, considering his contributions in Pep-Guardiola Mancheste City’s squad.

Arsenal Telegram Channel 2022

Aubameyang on the other hand is not perfect in this area either, Jesus’s always do bit better work off on the ball than the new Barcelona striker.

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From 2017-2022, Gabriel Jesus (17.1) averages pressing pressures per 90, compared to the Gabonese striker of (16.1). Jesus also had more interceptions of (0.73) per 90 to Aubameyang’s (0.26).

  • DRIBBLING – Gabriel Jesus Vs Aubameyang

Looking without stats one could easily regardrd Aubameyang as a pretty and decent dribbler compare to Jesus but stats from FBRef shows that Gabriel Jesus us far more better when it comes to dribbling and much more a successful one.

The ex-man city star averages of (3.16) dribbles per 90, while Aubameyang’s average stood at (1.34). Im terms of successful dribble attempts, the Brazilian international hold the ball 63% of the time, while Aubameyang’s only keeps the ball in just 48.7% of the time.

  • CREATIVITY – Gabriel Jesus Vs Aubameyang’s

Putting in place his Manchester City stats its obvious Gabriel Jesus is more superior to Aubameyang when it come to Creativity. Jesus is almost twice as likely to provide an assist compare to Aubameyang’s.

Jesus provides (0.25) assists per 90 compare to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang ‘s (0.14). Also in terms of key passes, Jesus also come out ahead.

Stats from 2017-2022 shows that Jesus recorded (1.38) key passes per 90 minutes, while the former Arsenal striker only managed to recorded (0.85). Jesus also has a better pass completion percentage than Aubameyang’s.

  • AERIAL ABILITY – Gabriel Jesus vs Aubameyang
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Photo Credit: Bleacher Report)

No doubt, neither Jesus nor Aubameyang is perfect when it comes to aerial duels. The stats show that Jesus only wins (30.7%) of his aerial duels and Aubameyang is only better with (34%).

This stats shows that little should be expected from Jesus when it comes to aerial ball (Headers) when competing with defenders. Jesus is more of a threat when holding the balls and run behind defenders.

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