University of Bristol Think Big Scholarship 2024, UK

The University of Bristol is a center for academic innovation and genius, situated up in the vibrant city of Bristol. The campus creates a vibrant environment that is perfect for learning and research by skillfully fusing modern conveniences with historic beauty. The University of Bristol, which is well-known for its commitment to pushing intellectual boundaries, draws students from all over the world with its wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in numerous fields.


The foundation of a university education is a culture that values teamwork, creativity, and critical thinking. Leading specialists and academics dedicated to providing top-notch instruction make up the faculty. Students at the institution have the chance to actively participate in the growth of their chosen subjects and delve into cutting-edge findings thanks to its unique emphasis on research-led education.

In addition to its academic concentration, the institution encourages students to have a well-rounded experience by offering a wide range of clubs, groups, and cultural events that enhance their time on campus. Beyond its scholarly pursuits, the University of Bristol is located in a city widely recognized for the diversity and depth of its cultural offerings. Students can take in the lively local markets, tour historic sites, and become fully immersed in Bristol’s thriving cultural scene. The university’s dedication to sustainability and social responsibility is demonstrated by a number of projects that foster an attitude that transcends the classroom and equips students to have a positive influence on the world stage.

Description of the University of Bristol scholarship

United Kingdom is the host country for the University of Bristol

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Study Level: Graduate and Undergraduate Programs;

Type of Scholarship: Full Scholarship;

Scholarship Amount: $6,000–26,000;

Countries of Eligibility: Foreign Students

All disciplines are available.

Application deadlines are October 24, 2024, and February 27, 2024.

For outstanding students worldwide, the esteemed Think Big Scholarship at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom for the 2024–2025 academic year is a powerful opportunity that has been carefully designed. This scholarship program, which aims to promote academic excellence and diversity, is a manifestation of the university’s steadfast dedication to quality and global cooperation. The Think Big Scholarship, which is available to applicants wishing to enroll in undergraduate or graduate programs, is a concrete representation of the University of Bristol’s commitment to offering life-changing educational opportunities.

This scholarship represents more than just financial assistance; it is an acknowledgement of extraordinary potential and a commitment to helping those with remarkable academic achievements. The Think Big Scholarship actively fosters a community of forward-thinking people by encouraging applicants to go beyond conventional bounds. In addition to receiving important financial support, those who are successful become essential components of a lively and intellectually engaging academic community, greatly enhancing the University of Bristol’s varied student body.

The Think Big Scholarship, which is focused on identifying and developing talent, exemplifies the innovative and collaborative attitude that characterizes the University of Bristol. Recipients are prepared to make significant contributions to their areas and society at large by being smoothly integrated into a community that promotes creativity, critical thinking, and global perspectives as they begin their academic journey.

Benefits of the University of Bristol scholarship

For both undergraduate and graduate students enrolling in September 2024, the University of Bristol offers unique awards through the Think Big Scholarship. The scholarship program offers three awards at £10,000 each to undergraduate students and nine fellowships for £5,000 each. Five £20,000 scholarships, ten £10,000 scholarships, and twenty £5,000 scholarships are available to postgraduate students beginning their studies in September 2024. Crucially, these prizes serve only as fee waivers, directly compensating the recipients’ tuition costs for the duration of their academic careers.

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The University of Bristol’s unwavering dedication to identifying and nurturing exceptional talent is demonstrated by this scholarship program. It goes beyond just providing money; instead, it’s a calculated investment in people who show outstanding potential in the classroom. The University of Bristol makes sure that awardees can fully focus on their studies and meaningfully contribute to the diverse academic landscape of the institution by establishing these prizes as fee exemptions. This unique scholarship opportunity, which comes with a variety of award categories, is proof of the university’s commitment to developing a community of bright, forward-thinking students.

Qualifications Criteria

In order to be considered for the University of Bristol’s Think Big Scholarship, candidates need to meet the following criteria:

  • Status as an abroad Student: In order to calculate fees, applicants must be classified as abroad students.
  • Application Submission: At the University of Bristol, they were supposed to have filed an application for full-time enrollment in either of the designated qualifying undergraduate courses or a full-time or one-year taught postgraduate program planned to start in September of 2024.
  • Exclusive Financial Assistance: Crucially, candidates shouldn’t be getting any other forms of financial aid that would make their total tuition costs exceed when paired with a Bristol scholarship.

In order to guarantee that worthy applicants are given consideration for this prestigious opportunity at the University of Bristol, eligibility for the Think Big Scholarship is contingent upon fulfilling these requirements. The scholarship ensures that winners can fully immerse themselves in their school experience without being burdened by excessive financial restraints, in addition to underscoring a dedication to academic success.

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Procedure for Application

Kindly adhere to the guidelines provided below in order to apply for this scholarship:

  • Start of a University Application: Start the University application process through UCAS, remembering to include your student ID as a point of reference.
  • Particular Submission of the Think Big Scholarship Application: After that, send in a specific Think Big Scholarship application.

It’s crucial to remember that the application form that is provided is a template that is used for many different scholarship programs. You can be confident that their system will check your eligibility for any more scholarships that might be available automatically after you submit your application. This expedited procedure guarantees a comprehensive and effective evaluation while optimizing prospects for worthy applicants.

Official website

Visit the university’s official website at for additional information.


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