University Of Montreal Scholarships For International Students Canada, 2024/2025


One of the biggest and most well-known institutions in Canada, the University of Montreal (Université de Montréal) is a distinguished public research university that is situated in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is frequently ranked among the best universities in the world.


With a large number of research centers and institutions devoted to expanding knowledge in fields including technology, the humanities, and health, the University of Montreal is a center for innovative research. Consistently ranked among Canada’s best research universities, it is dedicated to improving society on a local and global scale. Its academic and research projects target urgent global concerns and develop a variety of sectors.

Scholarship Details

Canada as the host country;

University of Montreal as the host university

Study Level: Doctoral, Master’s, and Undergraduate;

Scholarship Worth: Look over the information below.

Type of Scholarship: Partial Grant;

Countries of Eligibility: Foreign Students

Subjects: Everything;

Deadline for applications: June 2, 2024.

At the University of Montreal in Canada, scholarships for international students are currently offered at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels in every field.

Benefits of the Scholarship

The results of this evaluation will determine how much of a scholarship they can get. Unfortunately, in the event that your academic record falls short of the requirements for Level A or Level B, the scholarship will not be awarded.

Level A: The annual prize for this tier is $13,340.40, or the equivalent of two academic sessions or thirty credits. As an alternative, it comes to $6,670.20 per fifteen credits in a session, or $444.68 each credit.

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Level B: The second tier pays $6,357.60 a year, which is also the same as two semesters or thirty credits. The cost is $211.92 per credit or $3,178.80 each session (15 credits) if you would rather use the session-based computation.

Remember that these grant amounts are meant to be used to defray the $27,101.70 annual tuition charge (for 30 credits). Remember that tuition is subject to change at any time and without notice.

Graduate Courses (Master’s Level):

The university provides a partial exemption scholarship to assist international students pursuing graduate degrees. The scholarship’s goal is to lessen the additional tuition expenses that international students usually pay.

This scholarship offers $10,474.65 per year for non-research programs, which is equivalent to three academic sessions or 45 credits.

As an alternative, each session (15 credits) costs $3,491.55, or $232.77 per credit. These sums are applied to tuition, which for 45 credits is now $30,829.50 per year.

The annual scholarship amount for research-focused programs is $10,347.75, which is also equal to three academic sessions or 45 credits. Alternatively, it comes out to $229.95 each credit or $3,449.25 per session (15 credits). These rates are applicable to the $29,592 annual tuition charge for 45 credits.

Graduate Programs for PhDs:

We offer a complete exemption from the additional tuition costs normally charged to international students seeking PhD degrees. This implies that you will pay the same tuition as Québec graduate students.

In particular, the scholarship awards $22,241.25 annually to pay three academic sessions or 45 credits. Alternatively, it comes out to $7,413.75, or $494.25, per credit, per session (15 credits). Tuition costs are included in these prices and are now $26,562.60 for 45 credits year.

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You will be required to pay the same tuition rates as students in Québec for writing and editing sessions.

Requirements for eligibility

The University of Montreal is aware that, aside from students from France and French-speaking Belgium, international students may have particular needs.

As a result, the scholarships are specifically designed to help students. These are the requirements to be qualified:

  1. First and foremost, candidates must to have been offered admission to a university study program beginning in the fall of 2023 or later. This is the start of your fascinating academic journey with the academic institution.
  2. Study Authorizations: It’s important to make sure they have the required study authorizations. This entails having a current study permit and Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) for each session of your study program.
  3. Full-Time Dedication: Students are urged by the university to continue being committed to their studies. This entails continuing to enroll full-time for the duration of their study program, unless an authorized leave of absence has been granted.
  4. Status of Exemption: It’s crucial to be eligible for the university’s exemption scholarship and to not be receiving any other type of tuition fee waiver.
  5. Program Eligibility: Students participating in independent study programs or undergraduate programs, including certificates, majors, minors, short programs, or year-long preparatory programs for university studies for the Winter term, are not eligible for this award.

Application process

Students are highly encouraged to visit the university’s official website and make use of the “Compass,” an interactive checklist that is easy to use. This indispensable resource has been developed to help students understand the requirements for both admission and application.

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Students will receive a unique code after they have chosen the study options that interest them and have faithfully filled out the application form. This number is the key to opening our “Student Centre” platform, an online area where students can easily track the status of their application and eventually receive their much-awaited acceptance letter.

It’s important to note that the scholarship does not require a separate application. Every student application will be automatically reviewed by our conscientious admissions team, who will assess them with great care. Successful students will be selected after this examination, and they will be automatically considered for the scholarship.

After being accepted, students can expect to receive an email from Université de Montréal. This email will not only inform them of their acceptance, which is great, but it will also reveal how much of the exemption bursary they qualify for.

Official website

Please check the official website for further details:

International students can apply for scholarships at


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