University of Leeds Lupton International Scholarships 2024, UK

Within the vibrant cityscape of Leeds, the University of Leeds stands as an intellectual powerhouse, championing academic excellence and forward-thinking initiatives.


Its expansive range of undergraduate and graduate programs creates a diverse and stimulating learning environment. With a strong focus on sustainability and progressive thinking, the institution equips students with the skills and mindset needed to navigate the complexities of the process.

The University of Leeds thrives on its commitment to practical, industry-leading education. Collaborations with esteemed industry partners set the university apart, offering students not just theoretical knowledge but also fostering the development of practical skills crucial for future careers.

This emphasis on practicality extends to the university’s modern facilities and state-of-the-art resources, ensuring that each student’s educational journey is marked by transformation, preparing them to emerge as highly skilled individuals ready to excel in their chosen fields.

University of leeds scholarship Overview

Academic setting: University of Leeds

Country residence: United Kingdom

Study Level: Master Level

Type Of Scholarship: Partial Funding

Worth Of The Scholarship: 26,000

Countries Eligible: International Students

Subjects Available: All Subjects

Application Deadline: July 1st , 2024.

The Lupton International Scholarships for the academic year 2024/2025 at the University of Leeds emerge as an advantage for aspiring students seeking financial support in the UK. This scholarship stands as a prestigious opportunity for outstanding individuals to pursue their academic dreams within the esteemed halls of one of the country’s leading institutions.

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Tailored specifically for international students, the International Lupton Scholarship is a wave of academic excellence, offering both financial support and access to the world-class resources of the University of Leeds.

This scholarship program goes beyond mere financial assistance, it is crafted to nurture and support special talents, creating an environment where students can truly flourish in their studies. The application process is designed to identify individuals who not only exhibit academic achievements but also demonstrate a strong commitment to excellence and the potential contributions they can make to the academic community.

University of leeds scholarship Benefits

The uniqueness of each program is evident, The International Lupton Scholarships for the academic session 2024/2025, with a substantial value of up to £26,000, stand out for their comprehensive coverage of tuition fees.

The scholarship is structured to cover the full cost of education if the selected course’s cost is below £26,000. However, if the university costs exceed this amount, the scholarship covers tuition fees up to £26,000, with additional costs to be covered by the recipient.

Eligibility requirements

Applicants for the Lupton International Scholarship must meet specific criteria, including

  • Being in the international scholarship category
  • Focusing on one-year taught MSc courses, research MSc, or full-time research MSc courses
  • Academic excellence criteria of a first-class undergraduate degree equivalent to a first-class honors degree in the UK, placing applicants in the top 5% of the BSc/BA cohort.

Additionally, meeting the minimum English language entry standards of the University of Leeds is crucial, demonstrated by an overall IELTS score of 6.0 with a minimum of 5.5 in each section or equivalent.

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Application process

The application process is a carefully structured journey, reflecting the university’s commitment to fairness and transparency.

Part 1: involves registering for core courses or applying to a Masters Research program linked to the Tetley & Lupton Scholarship. After receiving the APP or student ID number, applicants proceed to

Part 2: filling out the scholarship application form. This comprehensive form covers essential information, including contact details, English language qualifications, field of study, work experience, and other pertinent details.

Aspiring applicants are encouraged to diligently follow the application process, ensuring that all supporting documents required for study registration are submitted before the scholarship deadline. Particular attention must be paid to adhering to the admission requirements for postgraduate research at the University of Leeds.

Scholarship application consideration

A noteworthy aspect is the detailed guidance provided to applicants, emphasizing the importance of checking the entry criteria to determine eligibility for different awards. It is emphasized that submitting one form suffices for multiple school applications, discouraging multiple submissions that may be considered for the most recently submitted form. Applicants interested in multiple schools for the same degree are advised to submit separate applications for each, selecting different schools.

Timing is crucial in the application process, with applicants urged to ensure timely submissions, at least six weeks before the scholarship deadline. Late submissions, beyond the scholarship deadline, are explicitly mentioned as not being considered.

For additional support and technical assistance, applicants can reach out to [email protected]. It’s emphasized, however, that while technical support is available, it does not extend to guiding the projects. This transparency underscores the university’s dedication to providing robust support to applicants while maintaining the integrity of the application process.

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